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Image of Secret Projects - Tie dye (Womens) READY TO SHIP
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Secret Projects - Tie dye (Womens) READY TO SHIP

Welcome to my Secret Project.

I bought this fabric to support, an incredible cause which unfold's women's power in India.
Secret Projects empowers women through the making and selling of clothing and homeware.

The Makers of Secret Projects use their money in an empowering way towards their futures.
- Educating their children
- Investing in their future
- Paying off debts
- Medicine
- Food

They try to be resourceful by wasting nothing so this mask is made from their left over Sari fabric, because of this each and every mask will be unique with no two the same despite them being the same fabric.

£2 from the sale of every mask is going back to Secret Projects India to further support the women and their cause. We are really proud to be a small business supporting a small business.

Every mask is triple layered with a soft Egyptian cotton inner layer. The elastic used is super soft nylon elastic which is left untied for you to do to your required size and comfort.

Each mask comes with its own washable muslin bag for keeping your mask safe before and after use.

Image of Secret Projects - Tie dye (Womens) READY TO SHIP